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Darren McKenna


I have enjoyed photography since 1968, as an eight year old boy. I was the proud owner of a Kodak Instamatic camera and have always had a great love of the outdoors so nature photography was a natural progression. Over the years I had various cameras and purchased my first digital camera in 1999.

I currently use Canon gear, a Canon EOS 7D, and a Canon EOS 5D II are my main bodies. I use a Canon EF500mm F4L IS USM lens along with a Canon EF 400mm f/5.6 L USM lens. I mainly use these for bird photography. I can often be found driving rural roads scouting for prime bird locations to set up my blinds for bird photography. I also enjoy hiking through Alberta's coulees and river valleys for photo opportunities.

Camping, Hunting and Fishing was a big part of my life. Upland bird hunting and flyfishing were some of my fondest memories. I like to flyfish rivers such as the Bow river, Crowsnest river and Castle river. I also flyfished many rivers in Montana such as the Madison, Gallatin, Missouri. I also enjoyed days flyfishing Spring creeks like Armstrongs, DePuys and Nelsons. Upland bird hunting in the Fall with my Dad was something I looked forward to for many years. Those times have given me a great appreciation for nature and the outdoors.

Another passion of mine is 3D or computer graphics. I use several 3D programs such as Lightwave 10, which is a modelling and animation package used for movies, special effects and games. Other programs I use are Vue, Mojoworld, Terragen and Photoshop. Please be sure to have a look at my C/G page. Also my facebook page.

If you are interested in purchasing or Licensing any of my photographs or 3D artwork please contact me at djm@darrenmckenna.com

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